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Ecuador rental car tours are ideal for travelers who like adventure, but still want the assurance that a comfortable, reserved room in their chosen hotel category is waiting for them at the end of the day. Rental car tours are less scripted than guided tours and allow for more flexibility to adjust one's schedule or intermediate destinations. English-speaking emergency help is available 24/7. Detailed directions and maps are provided. Our rental cars are provided by AVIS, one of the largest rental car firms in the world, so you are assured of a reliable, well-maintained vehicle.

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Rental Car Rates

Category Vehicle type (possible models) 1 day, unlimited km 1 week, unlimited km 1 day,       100 km free 1 week,    700 km free additional km


Chevrolet Spark 64.68 388.08 48.61 291.66 0.22


Chevrolet Aveo 86.87 521.22 68.69 412.14 0.24


Mazda BT-50 2.2 117.40 704.40 100.55 603.30 0.26


Mazda BT-50 2.6  gasoline 152.56 915.36 127.35 764.10 0.35


Mazda BT-50 2.6   diesel 166.83 1,000.98 138.33 829.98 0.39


Suzuki Grand Vitara SZ  TA 164.63 987.78 132.83 796.98 0.39


Suzuki Grand Vitara SZ  TM 150.36 902.16 121.85 731.10 0.35


Jeep Compass / Ford Escape Hybrid 192.50 1,155.00 154.85 929.10 0.44


Toyota Fortuner  TA 228.80 1,372.80 197.72 1,186.32 0.48


Toyota Fortuner  TM 210.10 1,260.60 186.87 1,121.22 0.48


Ford Edge 223.30 1,339.80 181.22 1,087.32 0.48


Ford Explorer 234.87 1,409.22 196.08 1,176.48 0.58


Hyundai Santa Fe 175.89 1,055.34 141.35 848.10 0.44
All prices per rental in USD. Rental car rates good through 31 December 2016.


Let us help you choose the right car for your travel needs!

Vehicles can be picked up Monday through Sunday at the city office, as well as at the airport, during regular business hours.


Included Services:

–Rental car of your choice

–Free or limited miles (cf. price chart)

–Local taxes

–Street maps for rental car/hotel combo tours

–Phone assistance provided by Positiv Turismo in English or German for rental car/hotel combo tours

–Routing directions provided with rental car/hotel combo tours


Non-Included Services:

–LDW insurance (Loss Damage Waiver) with a maximum coverage of USD 5,000  (Cost: categories B, C = USD 33 /day; all other categories = USD 35 /day) or extra ALI insurance (Additional Liability Insurance) with a maximum coverage of USD 30,000  (Cost: USD 5 /day).

–For pick-up at the Quito airport, there is a surcharge of 8% of the total rental charges.

–One-way rental surcharges

–Fuel, oil

–Parking fees, tolls, ferry fees

–Parking or speeding tickets

–GPS navigation system: USD 11.20 per day (please reserve in advance!)

–Child safety seat up to 2 years/20 kg: USD 2.25 per day

–Airport fee for pick-up or drop-off at Guayaquil airport

–Airport fee for pick-up at Quito airport

–Damages not covered by insurance


One-Way Rental:

If your rental car pick-up location is different from your drop-off location, additional one-way rental surcharges apply. One-way rental surcharges are calculated based on the shortest distance between pick-up and drop-off location. Surcharges for additional pick-up and/or drop-off locations are available by request.


 One-way Rental Surcharge USD
 Quito – Guayaquil 150.–
All prices per rental car in USD, good through Dec. 31, 2016.



Terms and Conditions:

–Minimum age: 21 years

–Driving experience: min. 2 years

–Valid national (European) or international drivers license

–A valid international credit card (MasterCard, Visa) must be presented at rental car pick-up; the credit card is used to guarantee the return of the rental car.

–If a rental car is returned with less fuel (than at pick-up), additional fuel charges will apply.

–In the rental contract, one day equals 24 hours, starting with the time of pick-up. Late returns will incur additional charges at drop-off.  Early returns are not entitled to a refund of charges.

–Minimum rental: 1 day

–Additional drivers: USD 2.25 per day (currently, two drivers are included for free with the quoted the rental car rates)

–Only rental car categories can be confirmed, not specific rental car models.

–You are not permitted to cross national borders with your rental car.


Summary of pertinent conditions found in rental car insurance policies:

PDW insurance (Partial Damage Waiver) is a policy with a deductible. It limits some of the driver’s financial liability for damages to or loss of the vehicle as long as the rental vehicle was used in accordance with the conditions of the rental contract. In case of an accident, the policy covers third-party damages to a maximum of USD 5,000. The insurance does not cover damage to the tires, rims, and windshield or loss of accessories such as tires, spare tires, rims, radios, speakers, head rests, rearview mirrors, side mirrors, etc., nor does it apply to the loss of engine parts or accessories.

LDW insurance (Loss Damage Waiver) is a zero-deductible policy covering accident damages. This also applies to the loss, i.e., theft, of the vehicle as long as the vehicle was used in agreement with the conditions of the rental contract. This policy also covers damage to the tires, rims, and windshield. The policy does not cover loss of accessories such as tires, spare tires, rims, radios, speakers, head rests, rearview mirrors, side mirrors, etc., nor does it apply to the loss of engine parts or accessories.


–  ALI (Additional Liability Insurance). This additional insurance provides coverage for damages up to USD 30,000 and costs an additional USD 5/day.

– ALI PLUS (Additional Liability Insurance). This additional insurance provides coverage for damages up to USD 100,000 and costs an additional USD 10/day.

– PAI (Personal Accident Insurance). This additional insurance provides coverage for damages up to USD 2,000 per person in the car and costs an additional USD 2.24/day.


Insurance Exclusions for Daily Rentals

LDW, PDW and ALI insurance policies are voided under the following circumstances:

1. Engine damage due to inappropriate use of the vehicle.

2. Engine damage due to ignoring warning lights on the car’s dashboard (e.g. water, oil etc.).

3. Damage caused by objects transported inside the vehicle.

4. Damage that occurred while the vehicle was outside of Ecuador.

5. Damage caused by transporting flammable substances.

6. Damage that occurred while the vehicle was used for purposes inconsistent with rental conditions.

7. Damage as a result of driving violations.

8. Damage that occurred while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

9. Damage that was incurred during revolts, strikes, roadblocks or demonstrations.

10. The vehicle’s radio, documents, and key are not covered by insurance.

11. If the person driving the vehicle is not listed as a driver or additional driver on the rental contract.

12. Unlocking the doors if the keys were left inside the vehicle or key replacement. A fee of USD 22.40 (incl. VAT) is charged for unlocking the doors if the keys were left inside the vehicle.

In case of an accident, the following towing charges apply:

– USD 30.00 inside city limits

– USD 100.00 outside city limits

None of these insurance policies covers court or out-of-court costs or fines for traffic violations.


Important Note:

Speed Limit


Serious Violation


Very Serious Violation


 within a city/town


50 – 60

> 60

 on city by-passes


90 – 120

> 120

 outside a city/town (e.g.  Panamerican Highway)


100 – 135

> 135

 curves outside a city/town


60 – 75

> 75


Serious violation: monetary fine of USD 109.80.
Very serious violation: 3-day jail sentence plus a monetary fine of USD 366.


Distance Table

Don’t underestimate distances in Ecuador.  The following table shows the distances between major cities in Ecuador in kilometers. On average, you can expect to cover about 50 kilometers per hour (depending on traffic, weather and road conditions, and other natural occurrences).

Distances in km
Ambato Cuenca Baños Esmeraldas Guayaquil Loja Machala Manta Santo Domingo Quito
Ambato 306 40 390 288 511 382 404 205 136
Cuenca 306 346 667 250 205 188 446 482 442
Baños 40 346 430 291 528 383 461 245 176
Guayaquil 288 250 291 472 415 191 196 287 420
Loja 511 205 528 861 415 246 611 647 647
Machala 382 188 383 608 191 246 387 423 527
Manta 404 446 461 442 196 611 387 257 390
Quito 136 442 176 318 420 647 527 390 133


For informational purposes only. No warranties are made as to the correctness of the information contained herein. All prices and conditions may be subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: May 2016