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Antisana Day Trip

  • Destination: Andes, Antisana
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: USD81

Our Antisana Day Trip showcases the most beautiful scenery and natural areas of the Andes, with the snow-capped Antisana volcano towering over unique endemic paramo landscapes that are home to a host of interesting birds and wildlife. With a little bit of luck, you will be able to watch giant Andean condors soaring high above. All of it makes for a day you will not soon forget.



Antisana Day Trip

Antisana (18,714 ft.) is the fourth highest volcano in Ecuador and one of the prettiest snow-capped peaks. Large areas of paramo along the slopes of the volcano are home to unique endemic plants and endangered wildlife like Andean condors, the national symbol of Ecuador.  The extraordinary ecosystem of the paramo sustains an equally extraordinary fauna and flora.  The rosette and cushion plants, shrubs, and grasses of the paramo are perfectly adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the high Andes. Antisana is the most impressive peak near Quito and a sanctuary for wild condors and other birds.

We start our drive along the foothills of the Ilalo volcano to reach the village of Pintag. On our way to the entrance of Hacienda Antisana, we can admire a cooled, 7-mile lava flow. We also visit the wetlands, which showcase various types of paramo vegetation. We may be able to spot interesting birds, like southern crested caracara (Caracara plancus) and black-headed ibis, or other animals such as tapeti rabbits (Silvilagus Brasiliensis) and white-tailed deer (Oidecoileus Virginianus). On a short hike through this idyllic landscape, we will be able to see the Antisana glacier. We then continue our drive to the Mica Lagoon, which has thriving populations of seagulls and Andean ducks. Another short hike across the paramo offers a chance to see cushion plants, buttercups and gentians. With a little bit of luck and good weather conditions, we may see some Andean condors (Vultur Gryphus). We return to Quito in late afternoon.

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Antisana Day Trip


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